Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Forever His Princess

Another Hallmark holiday is right around the corner.  But just like Mother's Day, this Hallmark holiday is something worth celebrating.  Father's Day is a time to celebrate our Dads, grandfathers, uncles, godfathers, and father-like figures in our lives.  I am lucky enough to have a pretty special man in my life that I call Dad.

Growing up I was always outside, and when my brother and I started showing cattle I was out there even more working side by side with my Dad.  And his passion quickly became my passion.  Agriculture.  Farming.  Cattle.  He gave me so many qualities that I value today in my adult life.  He gave up so much for my brother and I and never looked back and regreted anything.  I have so many memories that will stay with me forever.  Time spent in the barns, cattle shows, teaching me how to drive a tractor, talking about life, and monthly visits to the orthodontist and Big R just to name a few.  Dad has been through a lot of struggles through his life, and he is the strongest person I know.  He is a hero to me.  He loves his family more then anything.  He set the prime example of what a husband should be to his wife and a father should be to his children. 

And here I sit, 2 1/2 hours away from what I called home for the first 23 years of my life, and where I have missed dearly for the past 2 years of my life, thinking about Father's Day.  This will be the first Father's Day I have not been home to spend it with my Dad, and it is tearing me up inside.  It is really hard to imagine not being there.  Luckily I have an amazing and supportive Dad (and Mom) who understand this is all part of life, and growing up.  If you asked me 3 years ago if I would ever move this far away from home, my place of comfort, and have had the changes in my life that I have had the past few years, I would have said HECK NO!  But everything happens for a reason.  And I have to remind myself of that when I am missing home and my family. 

I will always be my daddy's little princess, no matter how old I am, where I live, or who I am with.  I remember how I used to be embarrassed when Dad would call me princess in public; now I expect nothing less. 

So a made a #1 Dad card for the #1 Dad in my life.  Something to make him think of me when even though I am not physically there, I will be there all the time in my heart and my mind, as well as his heart and mind.

Celebrate with Flourish Cartridge

Friday, May 18, 2012

More Then Just a Hallmark Holiday

Mother's Day is not just a Hallmark Holiday.  It is more then sending cards and buying gifts.  Mother's Day is a time to celebrate and thank both your Mom as well as the other women in your life who have been like mothers to you.  And I was lucky enough to spend Mother's Day weekend doing just that!

I am lucky to have such a great Mom.  She has been there through all the good and bad in my life.  She gave up so much for my brother and I, and doesn't regret any of it.  She has been a shoulder to cry on, a teacher, and a friend.  I cannot imagine having gone though moving, break-ups, and just daily life without her advice and help along the way.  No matter what, she is always there for me.  Everyone says it, but I really do have the best mom in the world! 

And of course my Mom loves the cards I make.  After I make a card or do a layout, I immediately send her a picture of it.  And her Mother's Day card was no different.  Unlike normal, I made it weeks ahead of time.  And it was unbeliveable hard to not send her a picture of it.  So instead I gave it to her a few days early when I made it back home!  And like usually, she loved it.  So here is my first flower pot card, which I think turned out quite nicely.

Flowers are from the Simply Charmed Cricut Cartridge

Thursday, March 22, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Just a quick St. Patrick's Day card....a few days late...again!  Maybe the next holiday I will be on time.  Maybe...

Celebrate with Flourish Cricut Cartridge - Clovers cut at 3.75

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy...uh...Belated Valentines Day

Wow!  It has been forever since I last posted.  Life has just gotten in the way lately. 

I thought I would quickly post a few Valentines Day cards I made.  Yes...I did make them for Valentines Day!  I am at least on schedule with things like that! 

The first card is just a really easy card I made using the Martha Stewart All Over the Page punch.  I have never used one of these before, and it is the coolest thing!  They are so easy to use and you can make a really cute, simple card in a hurry.

I absolutley love how this turned out!  All I used was a Creative Memories Circle cutter and my cuttlebug.  The hearts are from a die cut, and I used the heart embossing folder. 

Hope you all had a great Valentines Day...a month late!   

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Brithday Card Gone Chirstmas

Clearly I am in the Christmas spirit!  My godmother's birthday was on Monday and this is the card I came up with.  Looks more like a Christmas card then a birthday card, but I still think it turned out cute!

Winter Woodland Cartridge for the bird and tree limb
Just Because Cards Cartridge for the backing
Martha Stewart Punch
Cuttlebug Embossing Folder Polka Dots 

Christmas Time in the City

I love Chicago.  The hustle and bustle of the big city is so different to where I grew up and where I live now.  But I think I love Chicago during Christmas the most.  The city is decorated with lights and trees, and Macy's windows are filled with scenes from Christmas. 

Macy's Tree in the Walnut Room
Luckily this year I was able to go to Chicago for work.  I am very fortunate for the job I have.  Not only does it allow me to work in the agriculture field, of which I am so passionate about, but it has given me the chance to travel.  I also have met some amazing people that have grown to be great friends and colleagues.  I remember thinking 2 years ago if taking this position was the right choice.  Would I like it?  How will I handle not being close to home?  But today I sit back and believe it was the right choice.  Everything happens for a reason.  And it may take years to figure out why that happened, right or wrong.  I found a quote that helped me along the way.  "Trust in God that where you are is where you are meant to be."  It may not make sense at the time, but have faith that someone greater is taking care of you.   

There were changes along the way that were the most difficult I have ever had to make.  And I still hope they were for the best.  All I can do is trust in God that the decisions are for the best. 

And as for my love for Chicago, I love coming back to the country even more!

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Time to be Thankful

Can you believe it is already Thanksgiving?  This year has gone by so fast! 

What does Thanksgiving mean to you?  To me it is more then just getting together with family and eating turkey.  It's more then getting the best deals of the year and fighting the crowds for those deals.  It is a time to sit back and look at everything I have and be thankful for all the great  people I have in my life.  It is the little things in life that matter the most.  Without those little things, the big things would be pointless and meaningless. 

This will be my first holiday ever away from my family.  I remember years ago (my grandma would say this but her "years" and my "years" have a bit of a difference in count) when I would say I would always come home for the holidays no matter what.  But along came this amazing guy who seems to be changing everything I said I would never do, in a good way of course!  And for that I am thankful.  Because in short amount of time I have known him, I cannot imagine him not being a part of my life.  I thank God each day for bringing him into my life and showing me what I had been missing in the past.  And I am thankful for my parents, family, and friends.  They have been so supportive of me this past years in all of the life changes I have made.  Without them, I know I would not have been able to do it.  I can always count on their kind words and loving hearts, knowing they all want what is best for me.  And I thank God each day for giving me such a loving and caring family. I truly am blessed!

So what are you thankful for?  Because isn't that really what Thanksgiving is all about? 

And on a not-so-serious note, I am of course thankful for my cricut.  It allows me to use my love of crafting to make cards for others.  Here are the Thanksgiving cards my family will receive.

Scallop cut from "Just Because" Cricut Cartridge

Turkey cut from "Celebrate with Flourish" Cricut Lite Cartridge

Scallop cut from "Just Because Cards" Cricut Cartridge
Turkey cut from "Simply Charmed" Cricut Cartridge

Turkey cut from "Create a Critter" Cricut Cartridge